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Education for Boys and Girls aged 16-18 years

The steps taken during the Sixth Form years are some of the most exciting and inspiring in education. Here at Westholme we seek to provide our students with an unforgettable experience, one in which they are provided with stimulating and focused teaching to enable them to flourish both academically and personally. Through high expectations, personalised support and extensive enrichment opportunities, Westholme students are encouraged to make mature, informed choices in their learning and are motivated to realise their aspirations.

In these WebPages, you will read about the wide range of subjects available in the Sixth Form, offering a diverse curriculum providing a successful route to university or employment. Small class sizes allow for personalised teaching and careful monitoring of academic progress, providing every student with the respect and support they need as an individual. Additionally, students embark upon a varied enrichment programme and can opt to partake in the wide assortment of excellent co-curricular activities we offer here at Westholme. Whatever their strength, passion or wish, we provide opportunities that allow students to fulfil their potential through an enjoyable, fun and high quality experience.

The start of Sixth Form marks a new stage in their education; one of independence, choice and personal development.

Our Sixth Form Centre provides a modern, university ‘feel’ environment where students can enjoy their own private space and facilities. The independence exercised in higher education or in the work place can be a daunting prospect for some students. Therefore, we provide a social atmosphere that supports this setting within a school context, enabling students to develop their academic maturity and feel prepared for their future career paths. Additional support is also provided through the Sixth Form tutor team, our experienced careers advisor and a number of initiatives within the academic calendar which guide the successful process of UCAS and workplace applications.

We are totally committed to providing a stimulating academic environment that is concentrated on the needs of every single student at Westholme. Our Sixth Form is much more than a place to gain qualifications; it is a bridge to future success, built upon solid academic foundations and the personal care and development of every individual that enters our doors.

Mr Jonathan Oracz Mr Jonathan Oracz
Head of Sixth Form

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Why Choose Westholme?



You will achieve your full potential

Class sizes are small; teaching and specialist facilities are excellent. As a consequence, standards are extremely high and each year our external examination results and value added show that our students exceed their expectations. The vast majority of our students go on to further education and a large proportion obtain places at their first choice university, whether in the UK or abroad.
Our excellent, individual pastoral care is provided by a specialist team of Sixth Form tutors and the Head of Sixth Form. They also work closely with the Academic and Pastoral Deputy Heads to monitor individual academic progress. Individual target setting is used and this forms the basis for much individual one to one discussion between students and tutors.


You will gain many life skills that will help you succeed in the future

Future success is no longer just about obtaining excellent exam results. Every university and employer wants to see the real person behind the results: to find out about you! The myriad of opportunities and activities available to you will ensure you are able to develop as an individual and create a CV or personal statement that will truly impress. As a member of the senior section of Westholme you will have the opportunity to lead, mentor and be role models for younger students developing invaluable skills for your future workplace. There will be a wide programme of activities that allow you to develop team-working, leadership and life skills through an incredible array of co curricular activities and our extensive enrichment and PSHE curriculum.


You will enjoy an exciting and fulfilling two years; it’s not just about hard work!

Hard work, dedication and determination are, without doubt, important attributes for the Sixth Form. But it is also important to enjoy the time you spend at Westholme and we hope you will acquire life long memories. Our social facilities, activities, trips, visits, house competitions, visits, lectures and much more will ensure you make the most of everyday; coming to Sixth Form will never be dull. Our Sixth Form students develop friendships that last a lifetime and whenever our strong Alumni network return to school they are always full of stories about the fun, excitement and support they received at Westholme.


At Westholme we consider the Sixth Form as a half way house before going on to Higher Education. We therefore feel it is important that
the facilities reflect this, as you will see below.


A Level students are able to benefit from subject specific facilities in all academic areas including state of the art Science laboratories, ICT suites and a designated teaching zone.

Creative Arts

Art, Photography and Textiles enrich our curriculum provision by allowing our students to opt for them at A Level or by taking advantage of the facilities during the enrichment programme.


The ICT facilities throughout the Sixth Form, including iPads and touch screen PCs assist students in the classroom and beyond.

Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre provides Sixth Form students with all the resources and equipment they need for independent study.

Common Room

The Sixth Form students benefit from their own social space in our purpose built Sixth Form Centre where they also have access to the Sixth Form Wi-Fi.


The Sixth Form Centre has its own café which is open between 8.00am and 3.00pm. Each day this allows students to choose from an array of options such as homemade soups, mezzalunas, pasta and a variety of salad boxes. There are, of course, some sweet treats.


Sixth Form students have full access to a wide range of sports facilities including a swimming pool, all-weather pitch and sports hall. The Sixth Form Centre is also home to the Dance Studio and Fitness Suite.


Performing Arts play a prominent role within the Co curricular activities at Sixth Form. Many students have the opportunity to take lead roles in our first class productions.


Westholme Sixth form offers the following A Levels:

*May be offered dependent on demand

Examination Reform

National examination reform introduced by the Government has created new courses A Level.

AS qualifications are no longer modular and do not comprise 50% of an A Level; they are therefore standalone qualifications. From the academic year 2017/18 our Sixth Formers will sit their A Level examinations at the end of their Upper Sixth year as a linear course.

For more information on these changes please follow this link to Ofqual


  • Smaller class sizes
  • Dedicated teaching from experts in their field
  • Superb pastoral care
  • Unequalled academic support
  • Outstanding academic results
  • First class links with top universities
  • 24 A-level subjects
  • Dedicated Sixth Form social area
  • Huge range of co curricular activities
  • Excellent facilities including a fully fitted fitness studio, swimming pool, dance and drama studio, full sized professional theatre and a design and technology suite.
  • Real leadership opportunities
  • Outstanding UCAS support including careful preparation of Personal Statements and References by our specialist Sixth Form Tutor Team


Starting Sixth Form

Starting Sixth Form

Sixth Form is a time when you’ve finally left behind the subjects you disliked at GCSE and you’re now able to concentrate on subjects that genuinely interest you. What’s more, you’re working towards studying your favourite subject at university. Although A-levels are harder work than GCSEs, you’ll find that you really enjoy Sixth Form and the new challenges it brings. When it comes to A-level study, you don’t just have to rely on textbooks to get you through your course material. Try to utilise as many different resources as you can, as this will give you different ways of looking at the syllabus that will help you absorb information more easily.


A Level Studies

A Levels are very different from GCSEs, they are a step up academically but should also be an exciting time in your education as you have chosen what to study. Organisation and effective time management are vital and at Westholme you will have a lot of support to help you get this right. Stay on top of homework, use study periods wisely and don’t be afraid to ask questions of your teachers if there’s something you don’t quite understand. The start of Sixth Form is the ideal time to get into some good study habits, as these will help you get the best possible A Level grades, as well as standing you in good stead for university.


Beyond Westholme

Your first year of A Levels is when you start thinking seriously about applying to university. You may already have an idea of what you want to study, but now is the time to firm up your decision and start thinking about where you might want to study this course. With your university application in mind, your first year of A Levels is a good time to start building up some more relevant experience and knowledge to talk about in your personal statement. Reading widely around your chosen subject is a must, but there are additional things you can be doing to showcase a diverse set of skills such as taking an additional qualification, volunteer work or taking on leadership roles.


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